"Early Success Program"

Mrs. Audrey Jones's Class

Mrs. Audrey Jones and Mrs. Linda Shockley worked with these students in Summer School.

AMBER AND ASHIA: Using the "Early Success Program", the children were making words from the book word elephant. I had the children say each word before making them. I made the word also, and had the children check each word against mine. The children will use all the letters to make the word elephant. They will list all of the words in their journals.

LATRINA AND SHAUNTE: These girls are using prediction skills before reading the story "Teacher's Pet". "Teacher's Pet", is a story found in the "Early Success Reading Program" published by the Houghton Mifflin Company. The girls made predictions concerning the kinds of pets the students in the teacher's class would bring to school. Their predictions included a turtle, a dog, a mouse, a parrot, a snake, and a baby monkey. The students read the story to confirm their predictions.

MARCUS, KNEISHA, AND CHERIKA: Our group reading was "An Elephant's Trunk". We were learning new words and many things about elephants and the way they use their trunks.

Jae Sang Lee: Jae Sang wrote these words. "I was reading Little Blue and Little Yellow." I learned about colors. After reading I answered questions. I enjoyed painting the colors. I enjoyed the story.

Marcus, Kneisha, and Cherika along with Mrs. Shockley were reading. Our group reading was "An Elephant's Trunk." We were learning new words and many things about elephants and their trunks.

Cherika Fitchett

I learned about a elephant. A elephant takes showers. Mrs. Shockley and I learned about elephants. It was fun taking pictures and it was magic.

Marcus Handy

I learned about the elephant's trunk. Mrs. Shockley told us all about the elephant's and how they can reach and smell. I liked when we had our pictures taken it was magic.

Kneisha Schoolfield July 10, 1996

I have learned about elephants. They take showers. I learned how they eat.

Ashia Johnson July 10, 1996

I was making words from the word elephant. The words I made are: at, an, tan.

Amber Bradford July 10, 1996

I was making words on the tray. The words are new spelling words for me. It was fun.

Latnna Coverdale & Shaunte White

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