Dave's Itinerary

Hi Patti,

Is your school in session on Wednesday this week? I may have a few minutes open in the afternoon. ...I plan to take lots of pictures and bring them back in December to put on my web page. Possibly when I get there, I can send back a few snap shots. There is a digital camera in use there, to document some installation work.

I am attaching a few pictures, one of which is from the digital camera. One is the building where I will be working in McMurdo, another is a picture of Lance Seman of Chincoteague, and the other is a picture of the dorms where we will be staying. A side note about Lance, I will be relieving Lance in January so he can come home. Last week, he was working on Black Island installing a satellite link. The helicopters could not get in to get them out, as a storm blew up with winds gusting to 120 MPH. They were staying in Jamesways, which are fancy tents.

Here is a question for the kids to ponder. Following is my Itinerary for the first trip. At first it appears the planes home must go faster than the planes to New Zealand. How long does it actually take?


Leave   Salisbury                2:50 PM 25 Nov USAIR Exp puddle jumper
Arrive  Baltimore                3:25 PM 25 Nov
Leave   Baltimore                3:55 PM 25 Nov USAIR Jet
Arrive  Pittsburgh               4:56 PM 25 Nov
Leave   Pittsburgh               5:40 PM 25 Nov USAIR 767
Arrive  Los Angeles              7:50 PM 25 Nov
Leave   Los Angeles             10:00 PM 25 Nov UNITED 747
Arrive  Auckland, NZ             7:40 AM 27 Nov
Leave   Auckland, NZ            10:40 AM 27 Nov ANSETT NZ Jet
Arrive  Christchurch, NZ        12:00 N  27 Nov

Then comes the fun of riding in a C130 on skis when the weather is just right. The trip to the ice is scheduled for November 29. The trip out should be a day or so before December 22.

Leave   Christchurch, NZ         2:30 PM 22 Dec ANSETT NZ Jet
Arrive  Auckland, NZ             3:50 PM 22 Dec
Leave   Auckland, NZ             7:30 PM 22 Dec UNITED 747
Arrive  Los Angeles             10:20 AM 22 Dec
Leave   Los Angeles             12:35 PM 22 Dec USAIR 757
Arrive  Philadelphia             8:24 PM 22 Dec
Leave   Philadelphia             9:35 PM 22 Dec USAIR Exp puddle jumper
Arrive  Salisbury               10:25 PM 22 Dec

David Hess NK3T

Snow Hill, MD USA

Patricia A. Weeg
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