To Our Friends in Israel

after the suicide bombings in Jerusalem

Dear kids in Israel,

Hi! My name is Ashley. I would like to make you feel better so that you will not be afraid to talk on the Internet. I would really like it if you turned to me to talk about the bombing. I am also sorry about the loss of your loved ones. This is a letter to make you feel better. If I were you, I would just get out of that country. Are you allowed to leave????? You could come to America!!!! I have a suggestion. We could make the suicide bombers to realize that they are killing other people. But that could be hard. Cause that is part of their religion. I would be glad to help.


Dear Kids in Israel,

I am sorry what happened there. I wish I knew how you feel, but I don't. I am really sorry!!!! Mrs. Weeg told us about it. She is our computer teacher. My name is Krystle. If you have to talk you can write to me and I will try to HELP you. Well gotta go. BYE BYE!!!!! Write Back.


Dear Israeli children,

My full name is Ashleigh. I am sorry about what is happening in Israel. I know what you feel like. I hope you will have peace. My dream is that everyone has peace and we live forever.

PS Keep trying to get peace!!!!

Dear Kids in Israel,

Hi my name is Ashley . I feel really sad about the bombing. I hope that does not ever happen to me, I cannot imagine how that feels. You know, nobody can afford a bombing. People should understand that nobody gains anything bombing things they just lose things.

Your Friend

Dear Kids in Israel,

Hello!!! How are you ? My name is Stephanie. I have heard about all of the bombing in Israel. That is terrible. People should just be nice to one another. I know that will never happen but it is nice to think about the world that way. Many have been killed or hurt. I wish I knew how you felt. I don't though. I hope that you are all going to be safe. I would feel awful.

See Ya.
P.S.Write back if you have time

Dear Kids in Israel,

I hope you all are ok.I heard about the bombing and I am very very sorry to hear about it. So how are you doing? How do you still go to school and do your work? Are you worried?

Your friend,

Dear Kids in Israel,

I am sorry to here that there is bombing in Israel.


Dear Kids in Israel,

Hello. I wish I knew how you feel. But I don't! Have many people been killed or hurt? How many more years do you think this will go on??? I hope nobody gets hurt and you all stay safe along with your families! What does it feel like having to worry everyday whether you are going to die or not? Keep Safe!!

Your Friend,

Dear Kids in Israel,

I'm sorry about the loss of all the children and people in your country. The bombing is very very sad and there's something I would like to tell you, you are not alone. There is no need to be afraid. Unlike some people in this harsh world, I really am sorry about the problem you kids have, you can talk to me. I know how you feel if you lost someone you really cared about I know how you feel, I have lost about half of my relatives on my mom side. My name is Ashley Pollitt I am 10 years old and I'm in the fifth grade. In my next letter I'll tell you more about myself.

Ashley P.S. Write back soon.

Dear Kids In Israel,

Hi my name is Katie. I am sorry for the bombing that happened. I can't imagine how you feel. Maybe if you try really hard you can get through to them.

Your friend,

Air Mail Letters Arrived From Jerusalem
These are only a few of the beautiful handwritten letters that arrived for us from Jerusalem.

Some E-Mail Exchanges

Other E-Mail Exchanges With Friends in Israel

A Poem For Peace

How would it feel to really be at PEACE?
Every man, woman, and child;
Knowing peace would really be a treat!

How would it feel for countries to SHARE?
Every resource, skill and art;
feeling what it is to really care!

How would it feel to really COMMUNICATE?
Every culture, language, and value;
understanding could mean we would venerate!

How would it feel to be one FAMILY?
Every desire, need, and hope;
sharing with true integrity!

How would it feel if everyone were again a CHILD?
Every idea, emotion, and experience;
bringing possibility--Oh! It would be so wild!

How would it feel if all of mankind truly LISTENED?
Openly, optimistically, and sensibly --
Oh! This world would truly listen!

Take these men like Sellers, Schwarzkopf, and Bush...
Minds, hearts, and body --
For peace they all could push!

How would it really FEEL!
For all of the world to be at PEACE...
Just sit and think and dream and you will see...
What they mean when they say;

By Eileen Lamb-Davis

Published by the Library of Congress in 1991 and reprinted here with the author's permission.

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