Our Friends in Hawaii

Dear Delmar students,

Wassup (hi) my name is DAVID NAVALES I'm in the eight grade at Dole intermediate school. My culture is hawaiian filipino my hobbies are playing basketball football baseball and going to the beach to surf. Right now the temperature is 38 degrees celcius. to find us on the map is 22 north latitude 157 west longitude.

Dear Maryland Students,

Hi! How are you doing? My name is Uyen Pham and I would like to introduce myself and I you will enjoy it. I'm 11 year old and my birthdate is 1-20-85. I'm going to to be in the 6th grade and I am going to Dole and I have 2 brothers and 3 sisters. My favorite food is pizza because it is very good and I have 2 best friends their names are Krystel Capili and Tanya Silva. P.S. I hope you will have a happy day.

Your Friend,
Uyen Pham

Dear Maryland,

Hello its very hot down here about 38 degrees C!!! Anyway Im 10 and I like Basketball. Life is pretty much regular occasional differences do happen but not always. Yo is plausiblely your "hip" remark ours is Wazzup bra which means whats up brudda which means brother. Wow youre cool too oh well I gotta go! Bye!

your cyber demon

Dear Maryland friend,

Hi! Wazz up? Well, hope you're doing fine while reading this letter of mine. Anyway my name is Juvy Manuel a student of Dole inter. sch. and soon to be a high sch. student (next school year). I'm 14 years old and I was born on January 30 1983. I am under the sign of AQUARIUS. I think by sending letters to other places, it might be a good idea beacause of making a lot of friend and so as their place. My favorite hobbies are playing volleyball and hanging out with friends at Pearlridge and Ala moana, these two places are malls where you can meet new friends and have fun like watch movies, play video games and eat. Beaches here at Hawaii are sometimes bad because of the weather. Sometimes it's rainy, sometimes it's hot, right now it's 38 degrees celsius our longtitude is 22 north and latitude is 157 west. All I can say about Hawaii is that:

Your new friend,
Juvy Manuel

Dear Maryland students,

Hi! I'm Mary Ragasa. My favorite hobbie is playing valleyball everyday. I live in Honolulu Hawaii at Kalihi Valley. I was born in Phillipines on January seven. I'm studying in Dole Intermediate School and I going to seven grade this year.

Our summer school here in Dole Intermediate School is fun. Many of us we're doing good. This is fun. I like it because it's fun to type in the computer for the e-mail.

I like summer school because you can meet some of other students that came from other schools. And I can learn more from the computer.157-west,22-north.


Patricia A. Weeg
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