Report to KIDPLAN

Hanne Bentzen

Report to KIDPLAN from the International Kidlink-conference in Rio 12'th-16'th of August by Hanne Bentzen, Denmark:

Sonja Sette from Brazil told us about the Portuguese lists.

The Portuguese team already have done a very great job to spred out the knowledge about KIDLINK. A new idea with KIDLINK-HOUSEs - places for kids with internet-access and adult people to help the kids with KIDLINK has started to grow up, and more places will come througout Brazil. To be able to help the kids with KIDLINK, the teachers need education by themselves. Therefore the Portuguese team are travelling around in Brazil to hold courses for the teachers. In Recife 800 teachers from 32 schools will get this education.

The Portuguese team feel it as a big challenge, to spread out the knowledge about KIDLINK to other countries with Portuguese speaking people. Some places in Brazil, Cabo Verde, Guine Bissau, S.Tome still miss the internet-access. Angola and Mosambique in Africa already have Internet-access, but a big job has to be done to get the schools online. The National Research Network in Brazil are helping to develope theise areas.

Hanne Bentzen
Manager for Nordic Language Forums

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