I Like Me

Narissa Hackett's Class

Ms. Hackett's T-1, "Can Do Kids", have been learning about liking and loving themselves. They have enjoyed singing about "I Like Me" and discovering that when they like themselves they can like everybody. Through exploring their emotions they have discovered that it's okay to be angry with themselves and their friends because they will soon like themselves and their friends again.

Through creativity the students colored paper dolls representing themselves and described one thing they like about themselves.

BARBARA - "I like me when I am nice to people."

BASIL - "I like me when I give myself a hug."

BRANDON - "I like me when I am playing with my friends."

DARYL - "I like me when I make the right choices."

FRANK - "I like me when I do my best in the classroom."

JAMES - "I like me when I draw pretty pictures."

LAKITA - "I like me when I feel proud of me."

KERI - "I like me when I am the teacher's helper.

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