Writing Stories in Summer School

Miss Gatter's Class

Once upon a time there was a tiger hiding behind the bushes. He was hiding because he wanted to sneak into the dogs' house to eat their food. The three dogs left the house to chase a cat. Tiger sneaks into the dogs' house. Tiger jumps on daddy dog's bed and it was too hard and it is too lumpy. Finally the baby is just right. Next tiger gets hungry so he goes to the table and sits in baby dog's chair and it is too small. He sits in mama's chair and it is too lumpy. Daddy's chair is just right. Tiger sees dog food and he thinks it is stove top stuffing. He takes a bite and... ROAR! Tiger really ate chicken mixed with chili sauce and red hot peppers. The dogs come home to find their trick worked. They didn't think he would sneak into the house again. If you ever hear a tiger's roar he's remembering how the dogs tricked him.

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Patricia A. Weeg
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