Letters From Mr. Bill

Bill Miasek

Hello to Cassie, Elvira, Deanna, Dale, and April:

Hopefully I will be able to visit your school before I leave for Australia. I will be leaving in about two weeks on Tuesday October 17th. It will take me about 38 hours to get there, that includes waiting in airports to transfer to different airplanes. I will be there for about 5 to 6 weeks, I would like to back for Thanksgiving. Mrs.. Weeg and I have to work out a day that would be convenient.

I've seen that spacesuit and I have wished that I could try it on. I'll bet that it is heavy, but you know out in space there is no gravity so it would not weigh anything out there. On the last shuttle flight they tried out a new spacesuit that is made out of new materials that help make it more comfortable.

I don't know everything about space but I will try to answer any questions you may have. Don't make them to hard, I would not want to be embarrassed if i did not know the answer. ;)

I will be careful. We have all kinds of safety rules to follow, we even take a safety officer with us so no one will get hurt.

Rockets are long cylinders that are put together in sections, and in each section we have instruments attached. It is sort of like stacking a bunch of Coke cans on top of each other. The instruments we are using this time are telescopes, like the one's you look at stars with. We are going too look at stars that are very far away.

No, I have not been to England but I would like to go there sometime. We go to alot of places around the world, mostly places where there are not many people living close by.

Hi Jarrett,

Australia will be having their Spring time, going into winter. It should be about 90-95 degrees in the daytime, but cool off quickly at night. Yes we will have telephones and the best phone rate will be about $1.26 per minute. The closest town is about 50 Km away, but its not much of a town. It's about 1/4 the size of Delmar. The next closest town is about 500 Km away. Soccer, which they call football, is very popular down under.

Hi Deanna, We have all kinds of safety rules. Since rocket motors are considered explosives, we have to be very careful working with and around them. We have high power radar systems, electricity and big equipment to work with. The equipment that we use is specialized to measure and calibrate the scientific experiments that we put in the rockets. I will see you soon.



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