Division on the Floor

Mr. Fowler's Class

Summer school third graders in Scott Fowlers room are sitting down on the job! Dividing numbers is much more fun on the floor. Using manipulatives helps students visualize the division process.

Mrs. Fowler explains what they are doing...

Students in Mr. Fowler's third grade math class learned a unique way to compute division problems. Pictured here are several students using base ten blocks and "division sheets" to complete their work. Students placed blocks "in the box" and then found their quotient and remainder. Pictured here are (from left to right - top picture) Syrenthia Tingle, April Johnson, Whitney White, and Greg Miles. In the bottom picture are, again, Whitney, Syrenthia and April.

The Salisbury Mounted Police brought two of their horses to Glen Avenue School and gave the children many good examples of how math and reading are used in their profession. Officers must know how to correctly and accurately fill out an accident report. By using a math formula the speed of a car can be determined by the length of the skid marks that are left after an accident.

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