Many Occupations at Mc Murdo

Hi Nickle,

I am doing fine and do not think I will be shaving my beard. I have already taken the class. It was from last Friday at 9 AM until Saturday at 5 PM. We went out onto the Ross Ice shelf, and got training on skills necessary to survive with the gear they issue for travel. I slept in a Scott tent, that was on the same design used by Scott in his pole expedition. In fact he is buried in one of the tents.

Ashley Roberts is also asking about the school, so I will write about it and send it to the class.

Thanks for writing, Dave

Hi Kaley,

I just looked at your home page. You did a very nice job. Did you do that all by yourself?

I son Zac likes to play sports, and is playing indoor soccer this winter, I went to one of the games while I was home for the holidays. It is much faster that outdoor soccer.

Thanks for writing, Dave

Hi Ashley [Roberts],

I think the Coast Guard was playing football. They are there again, and I saw them playing on the ice again. We now have a big oil tanker in port, and the Coast Guard came in to open the channel for them. The tanker is the biggest ship I have seen so far, and has been there for since Friday or Saturday. It keeps getting higher in the water as they pump the oil out of the ship.

I have never been to the Bahamas, but I think that would be a nice trip. If you were to want to come here, you can if you set your goals to come here. There are many types of jobs here. We have all occupations here from scientists, pilots, cooks, hair dressers, fire fighters, store clerks, and any other job you would have in a small town in the states.

I have already been to the school, and it lasted 2 days. We walked up glaciers, and slid down, pitched tents, built an igloo, and lots of other neat stuff. I will write all about it and send it to the class.

Thanks for writing, Dave

Hi Kaley,

I got your letter, and you should have received a reply already. The letters probably crossed in the wires. I am fine and did survive. If I did not, I guess I would not be writing!

Yes Kaley, I like to write, and also like to receive letters. I just wrote all about my adventure at the Snow Craft school. I am sure you will read it. Have fun at the playground while the weather is good.

Thanks for writing,
David Hess NK3T
Presently living in beautiful downtown McMurdo, Antarctica.

Patricia A. Weeg
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