Report to KIDPLAN

Epi Sepulveda

Monday- August 12th
By: Epi Sepulveda

Multiple Language Support - Marisa Lucena/Gisela Clunie

The multiple language support team was created to give support to all Kidlink activities. At first they were only translating existing Kidlink files that they considered important.

In March 1996 they found there were a lot of activities in different languages and therefore they had to make the "Tranteam" to formalize their work.

The team assigns priorities to those documents they consider must be translated to all languages.

All members of Kidlink are invited to join the translation team! New members have to fill the Form Page for Translators.

Tranteam is a private list, the main language is english, although you can talk in your own language. English language is like a type of esperanto or universal language for all.

Projects are send to Tranteam coordinator and the coordinator sends a request to the list of translators. One of the members voluntarily accepts the task and do the translation.

There are 40 members in this team. They discuss ideas in their list, where they read each other opinions. As many of the members of the Tranteam are not professional translators, they need volunteers to read the translations in their own languages and see if they are OK. And this is another way all members of Kidlink are welcome to help!

If you want to become part of this important team or if you think you can help reading some translations please write to:

Marisa Lucena

Picture of Gisela - kindness of Claus Berg.

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