Mr. Dave Returned to Delmar

after his winter-over in Antarctica

Mr. Dave Hess came to visit us on December 2, 1996. Mr. Dave told us about Antarctica. He talked about many things such as the animals he saw, the temperatures, and many other things.

Mr. Dave came to visit us because he wanted to tell us more about Antarctica in person. Also he wanted to see us in person.

I have learned that Antarctica is a very cold place and from what I learned from Mr. Dave I would not like to live there. Also it is very important to take Survival School.

Mr. Dave blew bubbles and the bubbles froze in the air and then they fell to the ground and broke. When Mr. Dave was working his beard froze and he didn't know it until he was finished working.

I wrote to Mr. Dave in the past quite a few times. It is fun to write to people on-line because your mail gets to the person really fast and sometimes you get mail back that very same day.

I give up my recess to come to Kidlink because I learn a lot. Also I like to type on computers. And the main reason I like to come to Kidlink is Mrs. Weeg is a very nice person.

Heather Boothe

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