Mrs. Hess Came to Delmar


Dear Mr. Dave,

Hello. How are you? I am fine. Mrs. Hess came yesterday. She gave us some pictures of you.

I know this is sort of a dumb question but, what do you eat down there? I mean there probably isn't any McDonalds! When are you coming home? I think Mrs. Weeg said in October or November. I can't wait until you do. I just hope the news crew doesn't find out when. That was pretty hectic last year!! Well I have to go!!!

Your Friend,

Hi Caitlin,

There are no McDonalds here, but we do have a place that serves burgers and fries 3 nights a week. The toppings are limited in the winter to pickles, frozen onions, ketchup and mustard. Meals are served in a cafeteria 3 times a day. The cooks do a good job, but they do not have a lot with which to work. Can you imagine eating 3 meals a day in your school cafeteria for a year? And for half that year, there would not be any fresh food like eggs, salad stuff, vegetables and fruit.

I agree with you, it was very hectic that last day I visited. I think we should keep it quiet next time. You may have seen some pictures that I have not seen. I sent several rolls of film home, and have not seen the pictures yet.

Thanks for writing,

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