Summer or Winter?

2 Oct 1996

Dear Mr. Dave and Mr. Matt,

How are things in Antarctica? They are OK here. School has been OK and I have not gotten that many bad grades yet, only a few, mostly in math. I really do not get the things that have to do with math. I am doing OK in reading and english and spelling. I am also doing OK in social studies and science. Not as good though.

Are you having fun in Antarctica? Is it your summer or winter there? I am guessing that it is summer. I am not sure why though. Am I right? I wish that it was summer all year. The lows the other day were 55 degrees. I have to go now. BYE.

Please write,

Hi Stephanie,

You are almost right, it is spring here, but today was the start of the summer season. We will be getting lots of people in now. The good part is we will be able to get fresh food. From the low it sounds like the evenings are cooling off, but they are still warmer than our temperatures.

Bad grades in math? I do not understand how anyone could get bad grades in math. But then again, I could understand bad grades in spelling. I still do not know whether satellite has 2 or 3 Ts in it. If it were not for spell checkers, my email would look terrible. If your spelling teacher has a sense of humor, ask her why phonetic is not spelled like it sounds.

Work on that math,

Dear Mr. Matt and Mr. Dave ,

How was the black winter being you are there and we are here? The summer was very hot but cooler than last year . We have been working on the money project a lot these past few weeks . I have written a big paragraph it is like this letter times four . I am doing the money project also and we have found where you are staying on the map and where the NASA thing is . Have you got any souvenirs? Write back soon.

Andrew Giordano

Hi Andrew,

The winter here was mostly dark, with increasing light towards spring. The worst part was no fresh food. I have seen a lot of activity with the money project, but I have not been reading all the messages. I hope you are having fun with the project. There are a few souvenirs in the store here, but the selection is very limited. I have gotten a few hats and shirts. The New Zealand base down the road has a very small store, with a much better selection.

Thanks for writing,

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