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From Mr. Dave

Hi Patti,

I am attaching some pictures of Scott's hut, and the inside pictures of the meat locker and some doggie biscuits. I downloaded them from a Godard Space Flight Center link, where they are putting the digital camera snapshots for the MTRS installation team.

Check out and you will find a directory of Scott hut pictures. You may need to use Lview or another program to lighten them, and some are very dark.

Also please send along the address and phone number of the school, and I will send the kids a MARSgram.


Hi Rhae,

That is very good, I thought that would be a tough question, but you made it look easy. Scott's hut is very close to where I am staying. The hut has also used by other expeditions exploring Antarctica.

Since you were so good at answering this question, I have another that will make you think. You probably will not find this in any book. We have a very good library here, with lots of books and journals of Antarctica. Possibly I can find the answer, but I have an idea about the answer. Why did Scott pick this place to put his hut? Other explorers also used the hut, so they may have had the same idea.

If you cannot think of an answer, let me know and I will tell you my idea. Speaking of explorers and tents, I will be going to Snowcraft school this Friday. This is a school where they teach you how to survive in the cold. I think we will be going on a camping trip and spending the night out in the middle of nowhere. I hope my tent is better than what Scott's team had.

Thanks for the answer,

Hi Ashley,

Because the climate here is so cold and dry, trash is preserved instead of decomposing. The explorer Scott built a hut here, and there are still some of the provisions from the early expeditions. They are quite well preserved. Some friends of mine that were working on Black Island went for some nature walks. They found a mummified seal that had died and was freeze dried by the climate. From what I have heard, this is not uncommon to find. I do not think the people in the USA want our trash, but no other country wants it either. The base here is run by USA organizations, so it is more or less USA trash. We do make every effort to recycle, and a very high percentage of the trash is recycled. We do not have just a trash can, but a whole row of them.

Thanks for writing,

Hi Kaley,

Thanks for explaining you nickname. I understand now. I am tired also. I worked a very long day yesterday, that did not end until after midnight. I did have a few hours off in the evening to relax. We cannot have any pets here in McMurdo. Back in Snow Hill we have a black cat named Ebony, and a big black puppy named Roxie. Roxie is a little over 1 year old, and a little over 100 pounds. My son Zac, who goes to school at Snow Hill Middle School has some fish. He has them all named, but I am not sure what the names are.

Thanks for writing,
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