KIDPROJ-COORD is a forum where KIDPROJ projects can be suggested, developed and organized. New project ideas can be brought to this list and we will support discussion of the project and make sure it follows our KIDPROJ guidelines.

KIDPROJ-COORD is a vehicle where we can facilitate our adult leaders as they work with students. Here adults and our KIDPROJ Team can discuss strategies to implement a project in the classroom once it is offered on our KIDPROJ list.

In KIDPROJ we encourage the students to dialogue and not simply post information.

We try to deepen the participation among our students and help them move from data to information to insight [Dr. Jamie McKenzie, fromnowon.org]

As we work with the students I hope we can watch them grow as they:

  1. gather data from their global classmates
  2. take that data, manipulate it, organize it, evaluate it into "information"
  3. and from this information... be stirred to some kind of action or strategies as they reach new insights
  4. and form new global friendships

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Patricia A. Weeg

The Global Classroom