Cecilia's Shoebox

In my shoebox, I would put

1) a photo of my family, because I love them so much - (Her brother Fraser's photo)

2) a pair of scissors, because I like art and this helps in art

3) a CD of Shana Twain, because I like her music ("If you are not in it for Love")

4) a badge which I earned from my Calisthenics, which I just love to do because I love dancing

That's what I would put in it. If I didn't have these things, I guess I would put in some shoes!

Love from Cecilia

The country flag (of Australia) has the Union Jack in the top left hand corner, the seven pointed Federation Star underneath it, and on the right hand side are the five stars which make up the Southern Cross (which is a set of stars which can only be seen in the Southern Hemisphere which is where Australia is). Th colours are red, white and blue.

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