Listen To Simon's Song

Dear Christopher, Erika, Billy, Shontale, Less, Wendie, Bryan , Autumn, Craig , Ashley and Roxanna,

You did some realy fine thinking about what you might find at a fair. I especially loked when Christopher wrote:

"You might see Prospector Parker at the fair."

Well, I don't know if I've been to a fair in a long while, but I do know I'll be at Delmar on Wednesday, November 27th to introduce my show "Simple Simon" to all of you. In the beginning of the play Simon sings a song about going to the fair and tells what will there. Listen carefully to the song to hear what Simon thinks will be at the fair.

Roxanna wrote, "We didn't know what was at your side in the picture. Is it a container to carry water? Do you carry water in it, yes or no?"

The answer is yes it is a canteen--a container to carry water. I used to carry water in it, but now I just wear it because I got so used to wearing it--now if I get thirsty--I go to a water fountain!!

Your friend,
Prospector Parker

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