Benni is Coming

The wait is over...Benni is here!
Benni the bear is coming all the way from Washington State! He has been in California, Illinois, Texas (3 times), New York, Missouri, Washington (3 times), and is soon coming to Delmar! We will then send him to Iceland and they will send him to Canada. Benni is originally from Iceland and has been sent all around North America. Everywhere Benni goes someone puts a few things in his box describing the area around them. Benni has quite a collection of things from across North America.

We wonder what kinds of things people have been putting in his box. We think that there will things like:

  1. Of course BENNI!!!!!
  2. A Snow globe from Iceland
  3. A horseshoe from Texas
  4. A miniature Statue of Liberty from New York
  5. A bottle of spring water from Iceland
  6. .........And many many more!

    Thank you for reading this report on Benni the Bear! :-)

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    Patricia A. Weeg
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