Benni Arrives in Maryland!

May 9, 1997

As Mrs. Weeg was walking her class of 6 year olds to the computer lab at 1:30 PM she heard someone say, "There is a big box for you in the office." Benni had arrived!!! We walked back to the office and found a huge box that was painted on four sides. Benni's name, Iceland's flag and Benni himself are painted in the box. Mrs. Weeg huffed and puffed and carried Bennie to the Media Center table. Mr. Manuel, one of our custodians, came to the rescue and carried him part of the way.

We placed Benni's box on the table and then went to find the 6th graders who were in Social Studies class. They were *very* excited and had been waiting all day for Bennie to arrive. Mr. Johnson, their SS teacher, said they could come to the lab for a little while to see Benni and his box of treasures. The fifth graders will see Benni on Monday.

Everyone rushed to the Media Center and gathered around the table as Mrs. Weeg opened the box. The box was full of so many special items from all the boys and girls in the other 10 schools who saw Benni. It is fun to see what other students have placed in the box. We wish we had more time to look closely at all the treasures. There are music cassettes, videos, books made by students and paperback books, posters, pictures, t-shirts, cook books and many other items.

Soon it was time for the dismissal bell to ring and Mrs. Weeg packed Benni and his box for their weekend trip to Salisbury and the "Weegwam." Benni is sitting right here watching Mrs. Weeg make this web page and I think he approves.

On Monday he returns to school to see all the other students.

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