Nobody Mentioned Prospector Parker's Favorite

Dear Lance, Kate, Brennen , Devan, Erica, David, Kevin

Thanks for telling me what your favorite Mother Goose rhymes are. It looks as if Humpty Dumpty is the all around favorite.

Erica, I couldn't believe that you wrote the entire "Peter Piper" rhyme and got it perfectly correct. Now can you "say it" perfectly correct--it's a lot of fun trying to say it as quickly as you can. It's interesting that David wrote that he liked "Jack and Jill" because he too liked to climb hills. Many times in reading, we do especially like stories that are similar to our own lifes or what we like to do.

Kate, I have a question for you. You wrote: Jack be nimble,Jack be quick, Jack jumped over the candlestick. If Jack jumped a little higher, he wouldn't get his pants on fire. I have never seen the last part of the rhyme. Was it in your book, or did you make it up? It's funny.....

All of your favorites are great, but nobody mentioned my favorite one. It makes me laugh whenever I read it..It's about an old lady who has a pet and a cupboard which was empty. Do you know which one I mean ??

Your friend,
Prospector Parker

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