Yes, it is the Pieman

Dear Cameron, Paul, Laura, Abbie, Susan:

You are right it is the pieman who is going to try and get the gold, BUT he is not going to sneak up and steal it or use force to steal it. Abbie Hudson used one word in her answer to me that is on the right track. (Abbie, do you remember what you wrote?) Anyother thoughts ?

Dear Lance, Jessica, Erica, Joseph, David , Joey, Kate, Brennen, Ashley Cooper

You all were correct. "Simple Simon" is the name of the show.I especially liked the fine sentences every one of you wrote. I enjoy Mother Goose nursery rhymes. Can you tell me the name of another Mother Goose rhyme you've read and liked ? If you do, then I'll tell you the name of another of my favorites.

Prospector Parker

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