A "D" in Eyesight

Prospector Parker Makes a Mistake

Dear Will, John, Jon, Cameron, Laura, Paul, Marc, Susan, Abbie:

Well first to my friends who answered my age - you were right in figuring out my problem that I sent you, but that's not my age. Prospector Parker is so old his eyes sometimes play tricks on him--I left out a "0" in a very important place--If you still have the problem the first part should read 5000 divided by 50 NOT 500 ---you did the problem right, I wrote it wrong--so congratulations--You get "A"'s in Math, Prospector Parker gets a "D" in eyesight!!!

Yes, the show is Simple Simon. I'm so happy many of you looked it up in Mother Goose books, there are a lot of fun and easy to read poems in Mother Goose. Another of my favorites is "Old Mother Hubbard." I think it is very, very funny. See if you can find it, read it, and while you are reading let your imagination picture what is happening--it will be just like going to the movies. If anybody does read it, let me know because I'll have a question for you.

You had some good suggestions about the "conflict" and what you would have happen in the story---I particularly liked with Marc wrote,

"simple simon went to the county fair when he got there he did not have anything he wanted to go and interview for a job and he got the job and the next day he went to the fair and bought a pie."

That's a great thought--you have a good imagination, maybe you might like to be a writer,

Maybe as Abbie wrote,

"Simple Simon could get a job and make money and go to the fair. He could be a clown he wound be a good clown."

You're right, he would make a good clown.

But, to those who anwered that someone would try to get the gold from Simon you are correct---but not "I think the conflict should be a war!" as John Griner wrote!! First I only have two characters, the pieman and Simple Simon and secondly war is not the best way to solve a problem. Sometimes it does become necessary, but people should always first try to solve their problems by talking and listening, not fighting, right ?!

But I did like the idea that you John, and Will both said "that you should help people that need help."

What a wonderful thought,. and I agree with you. So now we know that someone is going to try and get the gold from Simon.......Who might that be and how do think he will do it ? Any more thoughts ?

Prospector Parker

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