Nice Calculating!

Dear Kim:

"I am lppking for ???????

This can't be right but it's the best I can do--I think you got me!!

Dear Stephanie:

The World Book is a good reference book, and I'll bet you'll find out if Bess Truman is Harry's mother or wife in World Book as well. It's funny that you mentioned Towson in commenting on our show in Essex--because guess where we stayed after the show in Essex--Towson!!!

Take a guess at why I would give you hints about my age on November 13th and no other day of the year!!!!!Think !!!

Your friend,
Prospector Parker

Dear Stefanie:

Congratulations, as far as I'm concerned you got it right--I am 49.50--the reason your answer was off a little was the fact that Theodore Roosevelt was only 42 when he became President. He was Vice-President when President William McKinley was killed. Theodore became President in September of 1901--his 43rd birthday wasn't until October---but I've seen books list his age as 43, but he really was only 42--All your other numbers were perfect!!

Dear Tracey:

Thanks for the nice comments about our shows. I only hope you enjoy them as much as we enjoy performing them for you..and Delmar is one of very, very favorite places to visit. See you on November 27!!!

Dear Gene:

Congratulations on knowing your Presidents and Their First Ladies. I wonder if your library has any books on these Presidents and First Ladies--their lives are very interesting. Yes, you were correct on the mileage. On the "age" problem--you might find it easier if you look again at the second hint--it's not the year Theodore became President(but 1901 was right), but his age when he became President--try again and I think you'll have an easier time.

P.S.--I really like your "signature picture".

Dear Ashleigh,

You are close enough--49.50 is correct. We wanted the year of the "election" so that would be 1860--if you used 1861, that would have thrown you off a bit--but good work on all the rest.

Your Friend,
Prospector Parker

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