Questions From Wyoming

Greetings, Matt!

The kids do have some questions for you. I have tried to group them, and to leave out ones that they can probably find the answer to on Patti's site. If you have time, they'd be thrilled by whatever answers you can send them!

How much snow falls at McMurdo?
When will the sun rise again?
What are the highest and lowest temperatures you've had?
What is "nice" weather like? What is "bad" weather like?
How do you know when it is day and when it is night when the sun doesn't come up?
What time zone are you in? What time zone is the South Pole in?
How do you keep in touch with what's going on in the world?
What do you do for entertainment?
How do you get electricity?
What kind of heat source do you have?
What is the place you live in like?
How did you get to Antarcica? (I think they are asking about travel arrangements.) How long did it take?
What is your favorite thing about being in Antarctica? What is your least favorite thing?
How many hours a day do you work?
How many people are wintering-over?
What animals have you seen? (And have you seen any Weddell seals?)
Are there any pets at McMurdo?
Have you been out on the Shelf Ice? Have you been to the dry valleys?
What happens to the trash and the human waste produced at McMurdo?
Why did you decide to go to Antarctica and winter over?

One of the things that has been keeping us busy and away from e-mail is raising money for the OM team to go to Iowa. Although it took a lot of work, we raised over $5000! That will get them to Iowa and leave some as seed money for the next team that gets to go to Worlds. They leave the 28th and will be home June 2.

We are still waiting for spring to show up here. We have really only had one nice day so far this spring...and that was in March. (Of course we paid for that the next four days with a big blizzard...) I have to say that we are making progress though. The last time the ground was covered with white, it was hail, not snow. Springs like this one make one wonder where all the talk about global warming is talking about! The meadowlarks, robins and mountain bluebirds are all about ready to head back south!

I hope you are staying warm!

Jan Truchot/Bernie Schnorenberg

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