August 2004


Now that school has started and you have had some time to think about the many activities and projects I shared with you in our workshop, you might want to try a little global collaboration with your students. My advice - start with simple steps. I have listed the steps for three different kinds of collaboration below. ...or... You might also want to "look before you leap" and simply follow the messages on the KidSpace-coord mailing list:

  1. View KidSpace-coord messages on the Web. Don't forget to go back to this page at least once a week.
  2. Join the KidSpace-coord mailing list to receive the messages in your e-mail account.
***All teachers who use KidSpace with their students are automatically subscribed to the KidSpace-coord mailing list.

Don't hesitate to write to me for help. I'll be happy to assist you!


Join an existing project Collaborate with another class Design a project for Kidlink
Step 1: Participating students must answer the 4 Kidlink questions no matter what level of participation. The login and password they receive will allow them to participate fully in KidSpace. Lynne Sueoka made an excellent worksheet to help students thoughtfully answer the 4 Kidlink questions.
Step 2: Browse the project listing to find a project that meets your curriculum goals. Keep an eye on the "Coming Soon" list. New projects are announced at various times during the year. Step 2: Send me an e-mail and let me know that you would like to collaborate with another class. If you have a class in mind - great! If you need help in finding a class, let me know. I'll help you find one. Students in the partner class must also answer the 4 Kidlink questions if they plan to post their work in KidSpace. Step 2: Send me an e-mail with your project idea. I will help you use the template for creating Kidlink projects. Be sure to take a look at the Moderator's Help File that tells you how to be a project moderator.
Step 3: Read the project registration process and contact the project moderator. The moderator will contact me and I will make a special area for your students within the project. Step 3: Plan the goals and activities for your collaboration. You might find that handout 4 from our workshop is helpful when you plan. You will describe your planned collaboration on the KidSpace page I made for you during our workshop. When you (and I) locate a partner, I will make a place for his/her students' work under your main page. Step 3: Once your project main page is ready in KidSpace I will help you announce it to all the Kidlink participants. You should also post it in project registries and on mailing lists for teachers.
Step 4: Follow the steps for participating in the project. Your students may post their project work in KidSpace. Be sure to announce to other teachers on the KidSpace-coord mailing list that your students have posted their work. Give the URL in your message so that others can find your students' work in KidSpace and can post comments. Step 4: You will launch your project from the KidSpace page I made for you. Let others know that your students are engaging in an online collaboration. Announce their work on the KidSpace-coord mailing list by giving the URL where it can be found in KidSpace. Step 4: Be sure to announce the work of students in your project on the KidSpace-coord mailing list.


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Patti Weeg
August 6, 2004