Can You Solve These Word Problems?

  1. Billy ran 53 miles. Kenny ran 7 miles a day for 11 days. How many more miles did Kenny run than Billy?

  2. At the fair, Annie won 12 stuffed animals on Friday and 6 on Saturday. Sam won 7 stuffed animals. How many more stuffed animals did Annie win than Sam?

  3. Janie decorated her room with 18 posters. Her brother hung 2 posters on each of his 3 walls. How many more posters did Janie hang than her brother?

  4. Maria walked 5 miles a day for 5 days. Rose walked 3 miles a day for 9 days. How many more miles did Rose walk than Maria?

  5. The pilot for East Airlines flies between 680 miles and 715 miles each day. If he flies 3 days this week, about how many miles will he fly?


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    May, 2004