What's New In Mrs. Rockwell's Third Grade!

goldstar Mrs. Rockwell's students decided to participate in the letter writing contest that took place this past April. Students were to write letters that were addressed to upcoming third graders. Students included the subjects that they studied, their favorite things about third grade and tips to help prepare future third graders fot the upcoming school year. The contest was given by Salisbary University Interns. Bridgette was selected as the third grade winner. Her letter was very interesting and included several good tips for our second grade friends. CONGRATULATIONS BRIDGETTE on a job well done!!


Dear Second Graders,

In third grade you will learn in subjects like Spelling, Language, Reading, Social Studies, Math, and Science. They are all awesome! My favorite subject is Science because we get to learn more about animals, rocks, and the past. The most impotant thing I learned was the Five Great Lakes names, which are Lake Eerie, Lake Huron, Lake Michigan, Lake Ontario, and Lake Superior.

One of my favorite things about Third Grade is friends. You always have a lot of them.T hird Grade is super, fun, and awesome. Some things I like to do with my freinds are showing them my pets and chasing them on the play ground. It gets my heart beating faster.

Second Grade is different from Third Grade because in Second Grade you play on the big play ground, have lunch earlier and the work is harder. In Math you learn how to add and subtract fractions. Some tips that can help you out on your first day of school are to be nice to you classmates and teacher, be prepared and basically make a good first impression. Have a fantastic time in Third Grade.



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May, 2004