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On this page you will see some of your classmates' writing.

Ag Lab- Our class visted the Ag Lab in March. We made glue, ice cream, identified grains, had a coloring contest and my favorite one is when we made ice cream. When we made gule, we used hot milk.

By: Kelsey Davis

Ag Lab: 1 day-We played a game to see if we can find things that like meat and others.
2 day- We made glue. Then next we made plastic.
3 day- We had a coloring contest. There are 1234 winners.
4 day- Then we made ice cream. That is the end of Ag Lab and there are 5 days of Ag Lab.

By: Tierra Handy

Ag Lab:
day 1- In Ag Lab we played a game finding things that match.
day 2- We made glue by hand.
day 3- We made plastic by hand.
day 4- We had a coloring contest using Prang and Crayola crayons.
day 5- Finally we made ice cream.
That was the end of Ag Lab.

By: Kimberly

Planetarium- In the Planetarium we got to see some stars and they turned off the lights. The star we got to see was the wishing star and we got to see what was in space. We saw meteorite hit a car.
By:Rajanae Myers

Planetarium: In the planetarium we got to see all about space. We got to see stars and sun and the moon. It was very fun. There was a big dome there. We had fun I'd like to go there again.
By: Troy Forse

Eco-Team: The Eco-Team is fun and we learned alot. One thing we learned is bears. Bears have to feed thereself first because if they feed their cubs first they will die and their cubs cannot die and the cubs cannot feed themself. The other things is if animals do not have something, will they still live? Here is the answer, no.


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